Editorial: 'on sensuality'


Exploring female sensuality and its physicality across different ages and forms. Redistributing control in fantasy, the accompanying poetry represents intimate thoughts brought to light.


photography Iringó Demeter

creative direction Chinasa Chukwu


I ask you to face me

to fill me

You said it was interesting

That I don’t touch myself

but it’s like lifting a spoon

to my own mouth

I’d rather have something

to gag on

than something

to eat

Francesca Kritikos


Go on, set yourself on fire.

Show me how to want burns within you,

writhe in your desire,

let it unsteady your feet.

I want you drunk in adoration

displacing all your reason,

turning yourself into an island,

to be reached only by me.

I want you on your knees

breathless and heaving

so they to lean in close

to hear you pant





Tea Duforo



Hold me up by my frenchies

I am a faceless figure floating

But you’ve seen me before

On the screen, in your dreams

It could be the trip of a lifetime

In your eyes colours unseen

Marvel at my skin - gold in the sunlight

Can you touch, is this real?

Now my hair, is it real?

It hurts when you claw at the root.

I flush deep tones of red, covered by

Stoic-ness I learned when I was young

Do vibrations flow in both directions?

The question is lost in the air

Between your ears, your body reclining

Ready to capture the magic of these scenes

Watch how the curves last forever

Look far onto the hills

Legend has it, they are soft as silk

Moving with dissonance that brings you life

But have you met my eyes?

Face down, they are hard to find

Disappearing features in your gaze

Not a currency worthy of your conversations

Adventurous soul, I have a secret

There is a way to unlock hidden pleasures

Safe waters with ready switches

Waiting for your hungry hand

Charm emotions from where I open

Loosen tears from where they spring

Venture to meet me at eye-level

Press down into my skin

Listen close so my words are like heat

As truth condense and falls from your body

I want you to role play with me

I will be human, what will you be?

Kyomi Wade



See the full editorial in POSTSCRIPT Issue 2.