POSTSCRIPT No2 - The Reinvention Issue

PS COVER 2.jpg
PS COVER 2.jpg

POSTSCRIPT No2 - The Reinvention Issue


POSTSCRIPT is a cultural anthology bringing together the multiplicity of socially engaged and critical thinking women.

For our second issue, we explore contemporary understandings of REINVENTION, approaching the idea as an entryway to concepts of individual and collective metamorphosis, cultural innovation and spaces of transition.

Featured on our cover are eight women from across the art and science fields acting as our modern-day muses, pushing cultural conversations forward. Inside, you’ll find interviews with Kenyan artist Velma Rosai, Denmark’s first female imam Sherin Khankan and BBC presenter Liz Bonnin, as well as a thought-provoking roundtable discussing Mixed Identity in the UK. Throughout, whether in editorials or essays, we cover a host of topics around fantasy, history, religion and sustainability.


  • 380mm x 300mm Print Paper

  • 68 Pages

  • Arrives flat in black envelope

  • On the cover: ‘modern muses’ photographed by Derrick Kakembo.

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